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Stroymash, JSC / Stroydormash, JSC
participate in EXPO-RUSSIA VIETNAM 2015
     JSC Stroymash and JSC Stroydormash are the leading Russian manufacturers of drilling and pile driving equipment, that is used
1. For foundation construction of precast and cast-in-situ pile:
- diesel pile hammers with ram 0,6-5 t,
- pile driving masts and pile drivers,
- drilling masts,
- rotary heads on excavator for pre-boring pile,
- drilling rigs for screwing pile mounted on truck,
- rotary drilling (piling) rigs  mounted on truck or track of drilling depth 40 meters and boring diameter to 1800 mm by auger or kelly-bar.
2.  For power lines installation and geological explorations:
- pole hole drilling rigs for electricity poles installation of low voltage lines, 3-5 meters depth and hole diameter 800 mm,
- geological exploration and water well drilling rigs to 300 meter depth drilling mounted on truck.
     We are working since the beginning of the forties of the 20th century.
Both manufacturers take market share over 50% in Russia.
90 % of distribution power lines of 0.4 – 10 kV in USSR and modern Russia was built using our rigs.
     The main consumers of today are the enterprises of energy, construction and oil and gas industries in Russia and the CIS.
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